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Time is money, and as a Business Owner, you want your people to be using their time effectively. 

“How much time is currently being wasted in your workplace on mundane and repetitive computer-based tasks?”

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses machine learning to replicate and automate those dull, repetitive, time-consuming digital tasks and processes, freeing up you and your employees to take care of the important stuff.

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RPA Successes:


of global executives say RPA is a major component in digital transformation – Pegasystems survey


say RPA reduces manual errors – Forrester Consulting Report


agree RPA has assisted in better compliance – Deloitte Global RPA Survey


of workers say that RPA has made them more productive – UiPath survey


of executives agree RPA enables people to focus on more strategic work – Forrester Consulting Report


of executives say RPA increases employee engagement – Forrester Consulting Report

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Benefits of Implementing RPA in your business:

Increased Accuracy and Reliability

RPA bots not only perform computer-based tasks at much greater speeds, but they also eliminate human error which means 100% accuracy every time.

Cost Savings and Greater ROI

RPA bots are low-cost and easy to use, customize and duplicate. Implementing this software in your business means that you will be able to get more done with the same amount of staff.

Speed Up Delivery for Improved Customer Experience

Time-consuming digital tasks are automated to be completed at greater speeds meaning faster turn-around times, reduced call-handling times, and a 50% improvement in customer experience.

More Flexibility for Greater Scalability

Automated processes allow businesses the flexibility to handle any workload, accommodating even unexpected increases in volume.

Easy Integration Across Multiple Platforms

RPA bots integrate with any system, platform, or application meaning that you will never have to upgrade or replace existing platforms for RPA implementation to be successful.

Increased Productivity and Improved Employee Morale

Allow RPA bots to complete boring, manual, digital administrative tasks, freeing up your most valuable asset, your people, to focus on more thoughtful and meaningful work.

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Industries where RPA is being used:

Decrease operations costs and revolutionize the customer experience by automating

client profile updates.
renewal premiums.
claims processing.
policy administration and servicing.
enrollment and eligibility.

Get proven remedies for your biggest healthcare challenges by automating

insurance verification​.
chart management.
patient registration.
medical records comparison.

Recognize an over 60% decrease in errors, improve customer service and customer management by automating

data gathering.
Data Validation.
new suppliers onboarding.
complaints handling.

Scale operations seamlessly and gain a competitive advantage by automating

loan processing and validation.
card management.
account closure.
customer ID verification.
payroll processing.

Improve process accuracy, speed and transactional processes by automating

applications processing.
form processing.
HR tasks / Reconciliation and reporting.
financial management and audit trail.
document handling and validation.

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What RPA can do for Your Business

Increased Speed and Accuracy
Improved Productivity and Elimination of Human Error
Improved Employee Satisfaction
Improved Customer Experience
Increased Compliance
  • Robotic Process Automation software, or RPA “bots”, can be programmed to perform repetitive, time-consuming computer-based tasks at higher speeds and with increased accuracy allowing for higher productivity and the elimination of human error. 
  • Implementing RPA software provides your workforce with more time to focus their energy on meaningful human tasks, not robotic ones. When they no longer need to waste valuable brainpower on dull digital tasks, productivity will increase as will overall employee satisfaction.
  • These RPA bots can adapt to and interact with any interface or workflow meaning that there is no need to change any existing systems, applications, or processes in order to automate your business.
  • PLUS, once implemented, these bots are easy to set up, schedule, customize, clone, use, and share. You will be able to utilize the software to significantly speed up and improve business processes throughout your organization with ease.

The RPA Implementation Journey: 

  • Opportunity Identification Workshop;
  • Assess technology component;
  • Review and approve pre-assessment results;
  • Design Program Release Plan;
  • Kick-Off Meeting: ensure stakeholders alignment and full readiness.
  • Define and prioritize requirements;
  • Conduct deep-dive sessions;
  • Design and Validate TO-BE state for processes in each Release;
  • Review process prioritization.
  • Begin RPA development as per specifications;
  • Define tasks dependencies;
  • System testing;
  • Performance testing;
  • User acceptance testing.
  • Track and monitor progress in production;
  • Implement corrective actions;
  • QA and success measurement;
  • Handover to customer business.
  • Cycle restart;
  • Customer Business and Connections AA CoE manage the robots as ongoing operations.

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